About Us

We started helping folks just like you when pandemic first started in December 31, 2019. We saw the signs and were prepared.

We are on a mission to help during the pandemic!

123Covid was founded with the goal of making COVID–19 testing as convenient and accessible as possible. What could be more accessible than free?
What could be more convenient then entering your information and receiving your free test kits in the mail? During the three-year-long pandemic, the fear of potential infection has taken a toll on many. We believe that no one should have to worry about where to get tested and how to avoid infecting others while doing so. With advances in healthcare technology, we are now able to offer At Home COVID–19 tests. Our goal is to provide customers with a fast, safe and reliable way to get a rapid COVID–19 test delivered to their doorstep. As a U.S based company, we are proud to offer our services to anyone with medicare health insurance.

3 simple steps to get your kits.

Under the current Public Health Emergency, Medicare will cover at-home COVID-19 test kits every month with no out-of-pocket cost to you, even if you have a deductible.

Provide Your Information

Once we’ve received your Medicare and Shipping information, your part is done!

We Bill Medicare

We submit a claim to Medicare.

There is $0 cost to you

Send test kits to you

To ensure you are able to remain safe, we will send 8 tests each month for the duration of the Public Health Emergency.

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